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"Unleash Your Inner Athlete with SWEDOR!"

At SWEDOR, we strive to provide activewear clothing and accessories that is not only fashionable, comfortable, and durable, but also made out of environmentally-friendly materials using sustainable manufacturing processes.

We also support the artisan work of rural societies by providing a platform for their eco-friendly, hand-made products from Indonesia.

Our mission is to help our customers look and feel their best while also doing their part to protect the planet.

Meet the Founder

SWEDOR brand launched its First Web store product in March 2023 in Singapore under a newly Incorporated startup named Kumar Trading and Consultancy.  The company's main business activities are related to fashion and accessories design, products, and services. It is a new startup which is based locally in Singapore to bring excellent daily wear Apparel & related to supporting a healthy lifestyle by well experience and industry expert promoter.  The Company’s vision is to develop a brand and product range to cater to and service end customer needs especially in athleisure, sports, and health-conscious societies.  


Apart from that, the company is involved in designing and applying sustainable, environment-friendly recycled-based materials in its products. The reason is to create awareness and knowledge among people and society and encourage them to use sustainable and Eco-friendly products.

Mukesh Kumar - Swedor Founder
Workout Lesson
Journey of Success!

There is a long road. We stretch. We run. We climb. We lift. We sweat.
We do!

There are challenges. They are tough. We are tougher.  We step outside our comfort zone. 
We do!

There are twists and turns. We fall. We support. We stand up together.
We do!

There is glory. We achieve. We succeed. We celebrate.
We do - again!

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